Ice scrapers

Have ice scrapers printed

Give your customers a practical promotional gift for the winter and have ice scrapers printed at Our products are robust, handy and fit comfortably into any glove compartment. We can offer you several different colour options for your ice scraper printing. Start your print job right here online with just a few clicks!

For some, winter is a glorious season with beautiful, icing-like ice crystals on the windows. However, for motorists, the cold season is unfortunately usually associated with iced-up windows. But how about if your customers could de-ice their car windows with ice scrapers that you have had customised? So you could give them a smile every cold morning, for example, if you have a witty slogan printed on the scraper. Of course, this practical car accessory can also be used for conventional advertising with your slogans or logos. Start designing your ice scrapers right away and create your print file conveniently online.