Canvas bags

Personalised canvas bags

Imagine if you could surprise your customers with a fancy cloth shopping bag printed with a witty saying, your logo or an attractive motif? Because cloth bags are back in vogue, for all ages, whether in the city or out in the country. Don’t just get your customers to carry your advertising around; give them a practical benefit! Take advantage of the great advertising potential offered by cloth bags, or give individually printed cloth bags to your friends as a gift. At, you can configure your order in a flash, and we’ll reliably take care of printing, combining excellent print quality with top prices.

Who would have thought? Cloth bags are very much back in vogue. In the ‘70s and ‘80s, cloth bags were more a sign of environmental awareness, and the slogan “jute, not plastic” was imprinted on people’s collective memories. Today, versatile cloth bags are indeed more of a fashion accessory. Simple cotton bags with attractive designs now dominate the streets.