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Parking discs

Better print online!
Parking discs
  • Single-sided Back
  • 94 x 144 mm
  • 4/0-coloured CMYK
  • Plastic
  • 4 languages on the front (DE/EN/FR/NL), white on the back
  • Blue/White
  • Printed
  • One motif
  • 50 Pieces
  • 1 Theme
  • Delivery in Greece
  • Estimated by 06./07.10.2022
  • Transfer print data later
  • Free print data check

353,34 € | 438,14 €

| 5,81 € | 7,20 €

    Parking discs
    Single-sided Back, 94 x 144 mm, 4/0-coloured CMYK, Plastic, 4 languages on the front (DE/EN/FR/NL), white on the back, Blue/White, Printed, One motif, 50 Pieces, 1 Theme, Delivery in Greece, Estimated by 06./07.10.2022, Transfer print data later, Free print data check

    353,34 € | 438,14 €

    | 5,81 € | 7,20 €

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    Have parking discs printed

    Every car driver should have some sort of parking disc in the car with them. And it could be one designed by you. Because here at, you can have high-quality plastic parking discs printed with your advertising. You can choose from a variety of printing options. Start the configuration of your print file right here with just a few clicks. Print runs start at just one piece.

    Whether it is in the car park at the supermarket or the parking bay in front of the office, there are many situations in which a parking disc is required. If you don’t have a visible disc displaying an accurate arrival time in the car, you could be risking a fine. And who needs an unnecessary expense? If you give away customised parking discs that can also be used as ice scrapers, you can count on a positive response from your customers.

    Legally compliant design with practical additional functions

    The text on the blue front side of the printable parking discs available from is in four languages: German, English, French and Dutch. So they can easily be used in any of these countries. The back of the parking discs is made of temperature-resistant white plastic.

    At 150 x 120 x 8 mm, the product is the standard size and complies with paragraph 42 of the German highway code. In addition to the typical arrival time display, this multifunctional product also features an ice scraper, an icebreaker and a water scraper, each on one edge.

    Big print area for memorable advertising messages

    When printing your parking discs, you can use a print area of 94 x 144 mm. This is enough space for the printing of your company address or graphics. Only the white reverse side can be printed because the front is reserved for the time display and must remain blue.

    When creating the print file, observe the specifications in our data sheet. In this way you avoid unnecessary complications during printing and we can complete all tasks for you smoothly and promptly.

    CMYK makes printing photos possible

    Whether it is slogans or a nice saying, your address or your logo, we can create your designs in the tried and tested CMYK four-colour printing. If you would like to print photos or other graphics on the parking disc, you should select CMYK printing. For a small surcharge, we can also create a digital preview of your print in the form of a screen proof.

    If you need help creating the print file for your parking discs, please feel free to give us a call or get in touch with our service team by email. We would be happy to assist you.