Personalised notebooks

What would famous writers like Hemingway or Balzac have done without their notebooks? How many novels are the products of fleeting notes jotted down for decades by authors all over the world? And it’s not just in art; notebooks also play a key role in everyday business. Take take down notes, log meetings, notate appointments and write ideas down. Here at, you can have your notebooks printed in various formats professionally and affordably in top quality using your personal motifs. As one of Europe’s largest online print shops, we are using the latest printing technology to create volumes ranging from 1 to 1,000 items.

It’s hard to think of a print product more versatile than the notebook. Their blank, lined or gridded sheets are used by students, by doctors for medical records, by artists as sketchbooks, by teachers as manuscript books, by psychologists as patient logs, and by notaries as diaries or address books. They’re popular among CEOs, trainees and professors alike, perhaps because of their easy availability, even in a digital age. Because all you have to do to jot down creative ideas, draw sketches or simply record an appointment is grab a pen or pencil – no electricity or Internet connection required.