Postal boxes

Postal boxes printing

Great products or good advertising ideas need attractive packaging. print24.com’s postal boxes are the ideal solution if you’re looking for a stylish way to package your promotional gifts, a personalised shipping solution for your postal deliveries, or a secure folded box as additional protection when shipping your products. As experts in professionally printed postal packaging, we offer you a high-quality print product which you can perfectly tailor to your needs, and have it printed by us in quantities of up to 50,000 in up to 10 different versions (= 500,000 boxes) per order.

Run your own small jewellery label or an online shop selling smaller, flat products? Then we can print your personalised postal boxes. Not only will this create a professional impression for your customers, but you can also apply your corporate design (which you presumably already use on your letterheads or labels) to your packaging. Because after all, every package sent bearing your logo is another way of promoting your business. But you can of course also use the postal boxes as actual packaging for your goods. The solid cardboard provides enough protection for the product packaged and stored inside it.