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    Student magazines

    School newspaper printing online

    The editorial team of a student magazine is a think tank for journalistic talents. Students are able to work in teams and gain first experiences with media projects. With enthusiasm and engagement they develop ideas for the next issue, research information, create articles and collect footage. Students invest a lot of time and effort into creating an issue. Modern technology has eased the creation process and the release of a periodic publication. Student magazines are generally released weekly or monthly, therefore a reliable partner that takes care of printing is necessary. So where can you print student magazines fast and inexpensively?

    The cost for the print of the student magazine can be easily calculated online on the print24 website. There is a variety of configuration and refining options available when creating your printing order. It is possible to print small editions starting at 1 item, but if you increase the ordered number of copies, the cheaper a single newspaper gets. Criterias like the choice of paper, colours and refinements have an influence on the quality and the cost of the student magazine. We recommend a screen or paper proof when ordering a large number of copies, to ensure the desired outcome before giving the final clearance for printing.

    Saddle stitch or loop stitch binding?

    Saddle stitch binding, or staples binding respectively, is generally used for magazines, brochures or thin booklets and is perfectly suitable for student magazines. This binding is economically unbeatable, can be used for various formats and is adequate for up to 96 pages.

    The loop stitch binding is a staple binding as well. The practical loops can be used to archive the student newspaper in folders. Students can collect single issues and file them with the fitting subject into a folder. The school or the editorial staff can also archive every issue in chronological order and use the collection as a work of reference.

    The first impression counts - student magazine cover

    The front page of the student magazine should get the most attention by the editorial team, as it is the first thing the reader sees. It has the task to draw attention and spark interest. The cover of the student magazine is therefore of high significance.

    The typical school newspaper has a 4-page cover, with generally stronger paper than the rest of the issue. At print24 you can choose between matt and glossy coated art paper in different grammages (135, 170 or 250 gsm) or don't use a cover at all. If there are a lot of information to accommodate then a 6-pages cover is the best option.

    Colourful bold or subtle black & white

    Fresh, loud colours of the four-colour print (4/4) or additional special colours (5/5) are striking and draw attention. Colourful newspapers with a lot of pictures are appealing especially for younger students.

    We recommend the spare use of colourful elements in student magazines that primary focus on bringing factual information. Choose "1/1-colour black" if the magazine needs to be simple, subtle and most of all affordable. This kind of newspaper is rather suitable for students in (upper) secondary education.

    A good balance between colourfulness and inexpensive print is the combination of a coloured cover on coated art paper and black&white content on thinner offset paper.

    Even with a high number of copies the student newspaper's print quality, details and radiant colours will stay consistent.

    Unique student magazine with refined cover

    Has the student magazine or the school an anniversary and the next edition should be something special? There are several refinement options and the choice of 5 colour printing with an additional special colour.

    • Blind embossing
    • Lamination/Cellophane coating
    • Hot foil flat embossing
    • Hot foil relief embossing
    • Relief varnish
    • UV varnish / spot varnish