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Pop-up stands

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    Pop-up stands

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    Order pop-up stands online

    At print24.com, you can have your pop-up stands printed inexpensively and in top quality. Configure your product conveniently on your screen online, selecting the matching mounting system or simply buying the print without the system. Whether it be for your trade fair stand, presentations, conferences or a POS, an exhibition panel from print24 is the best way to ensure your appearance is successful, and your content is featured prominently! We give you the option of ordering exhibition walls individually or in batches of up to 15 items at a time.

    A pop up exhibition stand doesn’t just have to be used at trade fairs. As presentation systems, these mobile exhibition walls are also ideal for museums, and are an excellent way to feature additional information on or the background history of exhibits. They are also frequently used at conferences to provide visitors and participants with information on topics, timelines or floor plans. Order the matching lighting system if you want to leave a lasting impression.

    Exhibition wall systems - Curved or straight

    At print24.com you can configure and order your exhibition walls in different versions, each in the sizes 3x3 or 4x3. We offer our high-quality PVC exhibition walls in curved and our textile walls in curved as well as straight style. There is also the option to order illuminated textile walls (straight or curved) with an included lighting system. The backlit lighting system is illuminating the whole wall from the back.

    Advice: All versions need to be created with an additional bleed. The exact measures of the mobile walls can be taken from the data sheet or the PDF template.

    Robust materials for all purposes

    We use high-quality materials to print your exhibition panels. For straight models, we print on Dekotex Stretch with a density of 220 gsm. This non-creasing material can be easily stretched without any wrinkles. The illuminated wall, with a backlit across the whole surface, comes with a 270 gsm translucent fabric that can also be easily stretched without wrinkles.

    The curved PVC exhibition walls feature 450 µ Solvent Polypropylene, a particularly dimensionally stable, non-creasing display material made from sand laminated, flexible, hard-wearing Pop-Up PVC.

    Suitable model for trade fair presentation

    Pop up exhibition wall - textile

    With textile pop up walls from print24 you are able to present yourself from all sides - front and back side can be printed with the same or different motifs. Our foldable exhibition walls are easy and fast to set up and disassemble - a practical bag for safe transportation is included with the wall. Here you can find the assembly instructions for textile pop-up stands.

    Are you selling clothes on a trade fair? Then use the curved wall as a change room, facing the curved front towards a wall or combine two curved walls to create a room. The straight wall is perfectly suited to combine it with our straight counters. Advice: We need a separate printing data for each side, even if it has the same motif. Please name each file accordingly (Front = s1, Back = s2, Side part left = s3, Side part right = s4).

    Pop up exhibition wall - illuminated

    Bring light into the darkness with the retro-illuminated pop-up exhibition walls of print24. These kind of walls are covered with a translucent fabric, different from the textile pop up exhibition wall, that supports the effect of the backlit lighting system.

    Front, side and back can be printed with the same or different motifs. These foldable walls are also easy and fast to set up and disassemble - a practical bag for safe transportation is included with the wall.

    High quality PVC exhibition wall

    Are you going for that special high-end look? Then you should choose our curved PVC exhibition wall and your stand will be the centre of attention on any exhibition. The PVC-prints are quick and easily affixed with magnets to the aluminium frame, making the wall easy to set up and disassemble. The curved wall can also be transported in a rugged case, which includes individual compartments for the prints.

    This wall’s curve is designed in such a way that it fits precisely with the curved counter that is also available at print24.com. Achieve even more attention with our additional accessories like the spotlights.

    CMYK printing for your exhibition walls

    All versions boast top-quality material and workmanship. When printing we use high-quality printing inks, and apply the 4/0 CMYK four-colour printing process, which perfectly accentuates colours and details. Got questions about the format selection or mounting systems? Then call our professional hotline!

    Advice: We need a separate printing data for each side, even if it has the same motif. Please name each file accordingly (Front = s1, Back = s2, Side part left = s3, Side part right = s4).

    Your mobile exhibition panel – print only or complete with mounting system

    At print24.com, we offer you maximum flexibility when selecting your exhibition panel. You can opt to only order the display prints, or buy the complete mounting system as well and additional lighting system. Our textile exhibition walls are supported by a white, powder coated accordion frame and stabilised by matching aluminium profiles. It includes a fitting bag for transportation.

    The complete curved PVC-wall includes the print, black powder-coated accordion frame with magnets and a trolley hard-case. If you want to replace the motifs or contents on your exhibition panel, you can order the matching print separately. The mounting systems are also available individually.

    You can order up to three spotlights in the front. Simply choose the desired lighting system from the accessory drop-down in the product configuration menu. Depending on the material of the wall, you can choose between spot lights for PVC or fabric. No matter which lighting system you choose you can be certain that you will be visible even in the darkest exhibition hall!

    • Illuminated pop-up stand (curved or straight) – Backlit system included
    • Textile pop-up stand (curved or straight) – up to 3 LED-spotlights optionally
    • PVC pop-up stand (curved) – up to 3 LED-spotlights optionally