Zip-up hoodies

Personalised zip-up hoodies

The origins of zip-up hoodies are said to trace back to the USA of the 1920s and ‘30s, when a clothing manufacturer kitted out its toiling warehouse workers with these practical, hard-wearing cotton hoodies and jackets. Today, these clothing items are essential for achieving a sporty, casual look. At print24.com, you can have zip-up hoodies printed with your own motifs. Whether as an individual or a company, our modern printing equipment can easily print up to 2,500 hoodies at a time for you.

Zip-up hoodies combine the advantages of a sweatshirt with the benefits of a jacket, making them perfect sports companions, e.g. during warm-ups, or in breaks between matches or events at tournaments. They are also a useful accessory on cooler summer evenings or autumn days.