Bottle tags

Printed bottle tags

Bottle tags are a popular print product among advertisers, though many wineries, oil producers and other manufacturers also rely on our expertise when it comes to printing bottle tags, as these are an attractive way to provide extra information on products. The only limits set when designing bottle tags are those of the paper format. You’ll also benefit from the perfect combination of top quality and fair prices. No matter if you’re printing 25 or 50,000 bottle tags!

Recipe ideas are a classic when it comes to bottle tags. We put your ideas on a 65 x 140 mm tag, which is then attached to bottles of water, wine, oil or spirits. For example, print the hip new cocktail on your tag if you want to make your spirits more attractive, or add a tasty recipe for a great salad to your fresh and tangy olive oil! The team at print24.com will ensure your ideas are printed in top quality. If you have any questions about printing your bottle tags, you are welcome to contact us on our competent hotline by telephone.