Have packets of chocolate printed

Chocolate is the perfect advertising medium. After all, cocoa has a reputation for triggering a feeling of happiness. At print24.com, you can have small packets of chocolate, each containing a bar of fine Gubor chocolate, custom-printed as promotional items. If you have already created a print file, you can start right here online with the configuration of your printed packets of chocolate.

Children love chocolate, and even adults are fond of the small cocoa-rich bars. It is said that the consumption of cocoa can elicit feelings of pleasure. Whether it is as a comfort food, an accompaniment to coffee, a treat between meals or a “pick-me-up”, chocolate is always a good way of giving someone a little treat. It’s hard to think of a snack that is better suited to being an advertising medium. We will print your advertising message, company slogan or images onto the small packets of chocolate. You can distribute them at trade shows or events, enclose them as a little giveaway with each product bought in your shop or hand them out to your employees as a little something to encourage them.