File dividers

Personalised file dividers

File dividers don’t always have to look the same! At print24.com, you can have your personalised dividers printed with your design. Whether for your shop, your office, or simply for your private folders, our online print shop is ready to take your order at any time. Choose how many dividers, how you want them punched, and your desired type of lamination. Then upload your file, place the finished item in the shopping cart, and start your order. Even during configuration, you’ll be able to see when you can expect your printed dividers to be delivered to your desired address. Enjoy perfect value for money with print24.com, and order high-quality dividers easily online.

Folders often aren’t enough to provide the necessary order when sorting and archiving. That’s where paper dividers come in, allowing you to quickly locate all your documents again after they’ve been filed away. If you use a standard design for your office equipment, we can print this on the dividers for you. With the ability to go up to 10,000 sheets per order, we also offer sufficient printing capacities for large businesses. The outstanding printing and material quality means you can even use our print shop to create dividers when you want to sell these as customised items, allowing many small stationery shops to benefit from our service!