Photo collage

Personalised photo collage prints

Collage is the word used in art to describe a process in which something new is created out of many small individual pieces. It comes from the French verb “coller”, meaning “to stick”. As a result, collages were originally stuck together. With print24.com, you can become an artist without any gluing, because we give you the option to create your own photo collages in just a few easy steps. Have them printed by us at low cost and in top quality. Whether framed or as a simple wall picture, personalised photo collages are a great gift idea. Already chosen your favourite digital photos? Then get started on the process and enjoy your very own work of art in just a few working days!

We all decorated our walls with posters of stars in our younger days. But while photo posters only work with one single motif, you can choose from many other design options when creating a photo collage. For example, you can arrange the top 10 photos from your latest beach holiday into a great overall picture, or produce an attractive montage of the previous year with your family. Put together a family tree with photos of all your family members, create an interesting collage of your closest friends, or present a best-of with pictures of your dog or cat in the form of an amusing photo collage. Just from these few examples, you can see all the different things you can do when it comes to collages. You have virtually free rein over your imagination and creativity. You just need to have the right photos in digital format, then you’re all set to get started on a varied poster.