Wine gums

Have packets of wine gums printed

If there is one treat that delights young and old alike, it’s gummy bears. Make your big and small customers happy and have packets of wine gums printed at print24.com. We can print your designs, slogans and images, in the best possible quality, onto packets of gummy bears in two different formats. Start your order with your print file right here online, and have packets of wine gums printed as promotional items at a low price.

Gummy bears simply make everyone happy. For this reason, wine gums packaged in handy portions are the perfect sweet advertising medium for companies of all sizes. As an online shop owner, you could, for example, enclose a custom-printed packet of gummy bears with each order and thus strengthen customer loyalty. In retail outlets, packets of wine gums printed with your own design are perfect to distribute to customers. At events, this sweet treat is a perfect giveaway on which you can have your personal advertising message printed. Thanks to the delicious contents of every packet, you, your products or your service are guaranteed to be remembered sweetly.