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Wine gums

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    Wine gums

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    Have packets of wine gums printed

    If there is one treat that delights young and old alike, it’s gummy bears. Make your big and small customers happy and have packets of wine gums printed at print24.com. We can print your designs, slogans and images, in the best possible quality, onto packets of gummy bears in two different formats. Start your order with your print file right here online, and have packets of wine gums printed as promotional items at a low price.

    Gummy bears simply make everyone happy. For this reason, wine gums packaged in handy portions are the perfect sweet advertising medium for companies of all sizes. As an online shop owner, you could, for example, enclose a custom-printed packet of gummy bears with each order and thus strengthen customer loyalty. In retail outlets, packets of wine gums printed with your own design are perfect to distribute to customers. At events, this sweet treat is a perfect giveaway on which you can have your personal advertising message printed. Thanks to the delicious contents of every packet, you, your products or your service are guaranteed to be remembered sweetly.

    Choose from two formats − with mini or XXL bears

    At print24.com, we can print your packets of wine gums in two different designs. The small version, in a size of 85 x 60 mm, contains 10 grams of gummy bears and is extremely handy. Its small dimensions make this version ideal for enclosing in parcels.

    Since wine gums do not melt like chocolate, these promotional items will arrive undamaged, even in warm weather. The large bag, measuring 120 x 180 mm, contains 100 grams of delicious wine gums.

    Delicious selection of wine gums

    The wine gums used are 10 per cent fruit juice concentrate. Depending on the selected size, they come in the form of mini or extra-large gummy bears. To provide the necessary variety of flavours for a promotional item, there are six different kinds: orange, passion fruit, lemon, cherry, pineapple and raspberry for the premium bears and orange, passion fruit, strawberry, apple, cassis and peach for the XXL gummy bears.

    If properly stored, the wine gums can be kept for 12 months. This means that you do not have to distribute your promotional items as soon as you receive them, but can also order ahead.

    Tried-and-tested CMYK printing for versatile layout options

    We use the CMYK four-colour process to print onto the white gloss film of the wine gum packets. This allows you to be very flexible when it comes to the selection of your design, as well as when choosing text fonts and colours. Whether it is photos, slogans, logos or graphics, we can fulfil almost any printing request for you.

    In order to comply with the legal requirements, details of the ingredients and the distributor who is legally responsible for the product must be printed on every packet. These information are printed in black lettering on a slightly transparent white field

    We will automatically add this mandatory information; you don’t need to include it in your print file. Please be aware that there should be no important elements in the place of the mandatory information, or else they will be covered up!

    If you have any questions regarding the printing process or the creation of the print file, please do not hesitate to give us a call or get in touch via online messaging. We can then help you further on a one-to-one basis.