Wall murals

Wall mural printing

Why do walls always have to be white? Add some colour, pictures and vibrancy to your home! Photo wall murals allow you to design your own wall decorations, and beautify rooms according to your personal taste. All you need is a digital photo file with your favourite image or graphic, and you can configure your photo wall murals conveniently online via our portal. print24.com will print your wall murals reliably and at fair prices. Thanks to premium fleece and state-of-the-art printing processes, we ensure optimum print quality, whether your photo wall murals are intended for your private home or your office. Order your personalised photo wall murals now!

It’s not always a question of picking up a brush when it comes to changing your walls. While a paint roller may be a quick option for plain-coloured, large-scale applications, designs using your own personal motifs are a completely new variation. This is precisely where photo wall murals reveal their strengths. At print24.com, an idyllic photo from your latest holiday, a nice graphic, or a varied digital pattern is enough to allow you to design and print your own fleece wallpaper in a jiffy. Our service staff will be glad to assist if you have any queries about configuring your wall murals or selecting motifs.