Fruit drops

Have mini-tins of fruit drops printed

Fruit drops are a delicious little treat to snack on. As an advertising medium, printed mini-tins of fruit drops are therefore very popular. Here at print24.com, we can custom-print small tins of fruit drops for you. The only thing you need is a valid print file. You can then start the configuration of your order easily online.

A small fruit drop can do a lot. At classical concerts or theatre performances, the little piece of confectionary can be highly successful in preventing a “chorus of coughs”. If you have a sore throat, sucking a fruit drop can provide relief, and, available in delicious flavours, a fruit drop is also simply a tasty little treat to snack on. At the same time, fruit drops are extremely practical because they do not melt like chocolate, and the mini fruit drop tin can fit into any (hand)bag, no matter how small. So what could be better than using mini-tins of fruit drops as promotional items?