Personalised stamps

Stamps have played a major role in administrative work for several centuries, and continue to do so even in today’s digital age. They allow bookings to be confirmed or deliveries to be receipted quickly and easily. Once created, the product can be used for years without any problem. But stamps are also suitable for many other purposes, both private and professional. At print24.com, you can configure your own personalised stamps, and order and create them online. We can produce up to 10 stamps per order, in top quality and at reasonable online prices. So start configuring your premium stamps incl. ink pad now. We look forward to your order!

While elaborate wax seals or signatures were used in the Middle Ages to confirm receipt of money or goods, the early 17th century saw stamps start being used in the Netherlands. They were a quick, cheap way for state officials to confirm receipt of taxes, fees or other levies. The groundbreaking Dutch invention became popular all over the world during the centuries which followed. Stamps had been used to manufacture coins long before this in Babylon, but it was in Holland that they were first used for the purposes we are familiar with today: with embossed rubber letters which are pressed onto a pad moistened with ink.