Folded cards in DIN A5

Have folded cards printed in DIN A5 

Folded cards in DIN A5 are a real classic. They are suitable for Christmas or birthday greetings, letters of condolence or invitations as well as for congratulations on an anniversary. But the handy format is also perfect for menu cards. You have 148 x 210 millimetres at your disposal for designing. If the cards are not to be displayed but sent out or enclosed with a gift, the front is particularly important. It immediately catches the eye when you open the envelope.

Thanks to our large selection of paper, you can design your A5 folded cards to perfectly match the occasion. For example, fine paper is ideal for special greetings cards, while classic coated art paper in a high grammage is suitable for table displays. To perfect the look and feel of your cards, we have high-quality finishes and printing in special colours as well as silver and gold available.