Sustainable printing

As a responsible printer, we have decided to give our customers in cooperation with us the opportunity to offset their CO₂ footprint when creating paper products. In this way, together we want to make our contribution to more sustainability in the printing industry. For the CO₂ offset, we work together with the renowned organisation ClimatePartner.

ClimatePartner has determined the CO₂ footprints of our paper print products in an elaborate process. In the next step, we chose two climate protection projects from ClimatePartner that reduce CO₂ emissions through reforestation and access to clean drinking water, among other things. The selected ClimatePartner climate protection projects are proven to save CO₂. For example, the projects are monitored by TÜV and other independent auditing organisations.

So that you and your customers can clearly see that a product is climate-friendly, each product is given a unique order-related ID. This ID allows you to transparently track all information about the supported project and the print job on the ClimatePartner website.