Spiral-bound brochures

Have spiral-bound brochures printed

Spiral-bound brochures are very versatile. Whether it is as a robust café menu, a practical notepad for employees or a high-quality product catalogue for companies, here at print24.com you can have your brochures custom-made with a high-quality metal wire-o binding. You can choose from both eight different formats and appealing finishes for the content pages. Configure your print job easily right here online and let print24.com print your spiral-bound brochures at an affordable price.

In opting for spiral-bound brochure printing, you are deciding on a sturdy printed product that can be used in a variety of ways. For example, the robust brochures are ideal for companies to use for their annual reports for shareholders or investors, as well as for training materials for employees and customers. Thanks to the sturdy binding, the document can pass through many hands without any pages coming loose. In the catering industry, spiral-bound brochures lend themselves to use as ice-cream, beverage or other menus. If the pages are given an additional cellophane finish, your menu contents will have an additional layer of protection. You can also opt for spiral-bound brochure printing if you want to provide your employees with an attractive pad for taking notes in meetings or for business appointments.