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    Tryckark av hög kvalitet

    Printing sheets are classic print products for businesses or smaller print shops needing templates for their prints or print-outs so as to cut them to size or further process them later on at their own premises. Large, modern print shops are usually required to process larger order volumes. As one of Europe’s biggest online print shops, print24.com gives you the chance to order printing sheets in batches from as small as 250 online, in top quality and at fair prices. We can also complete large orders in volumes of up to half a million sheets – reliably and with the same excellent quality. Start configuring here, and take advantage of our long-time expertise in the printing industry!

    Planning large marketing campaigns and want a standardised design for your print products, albeit with content to be customised later on? Then printing sheets by print24.com are a great way to enjoy template sheets printed in high quality. Our standard offset paper is also suitable for use in conventional printers.

    Perfekt för vidare bearbetning

    The wide selection of paper types mean our printing sheets can be used for many different purposes. We take care of the large-volume printing, so you can further process the sheets as you wish. Whether it be cutting to size or modifying for packaging, high-quality printing sheets ensure successful further processing! If, for example, you have a production plant and want to create your own packaging in your corporate design, you can order the necessary printing sheets cheaply online at print24.com.

    Need a print shop to print book jackets or other products in vast quantities? Then print24.com is just the place for you! Our printing sheets are regarded highly by many major businesses across Europe, and particularly used when prints are required in large volumes, e.g. paper for election or promotional posters.

    Olika format att välja mellan

    Tryckarken på print24.se finns i olika format. När du väljer, se till att tryckytan är olika beroende på format och sidor. Vi trycker samtliga format liggande och stående.

    Formaten vi trycker är: 440 x 630 mm (415 x 620 mm), 500 x 700 mm (475 x 690 mm), 630 x 880 mm (605 x 870 mm) and 720 x 1040 mm (692 x 1026 mm).


    Det billigaste alternativet är 115 gsm bestruket papper. Frö broschyrer och foldrar har vi 250 gsm bestruket papper. 300 gsm chromokartong är det styvaste alternativet. För tryck i laserskrivae i efterhand rekommenderar vi vårt offsetpapper.

    Alla bestrukna papper finns i gloss och silk. Premiumkartong finns endast matt.

    Vi kan efterbehandla dina tryckark

    Om du väljer bestruket apper eller chromokartong så kan du även välja något av våra efterbehandlingsalternativ.

    • UV varnish: This special varnish can be applied on one or both sides, and gives the sheets a unique look. 

    • Dispersion varnish: This varnish comes in both matte and glossy, giving you two options to refine the look of your printing sheets.

    Välbeprövad tryckteknik av högsta kvalitet

    Vi trycker arken på bägge sidor eller enkelsidigt. Vi trycker i CMYK, 4-färg vilket ger oss största möjliga flexibilitet när det gäller färg- och bildåtergivning.

    Whether photos or logos, your originals will be put on paper in excellent quality. We also offer monochrome printing with black colour.